Nandita Sarkar Dhar, M.Sc, B.Ed

Winner of Best Educator award
A member of National Council of Teacher Scientist,India.

Ms. Dhar is a senior educator in one of the most prestigious schools in North East, St. Joseph’s School, Azara , Guwahati. Teaching was a calling for her and she followed that dream by pursuing relevant education in Mathematics.

Ms. Dhar is a strong believer in the teacher’s role of guiding students like holy angels and she has served her profession with complete dedication, sincerity and honesty. Her hard work led her to win the Best Educator award in 2019.

Ms. Dhar demonstrates excellent communication skills with fluency in spoken English, strong knowledge of utilizing all the modern teaching aids and the ability to handle children with care. She is enthusiastic and hard working, possesses a positive attitude towards her subject and profession and is responsible towards her work. She believes in self motivation and stays focused and directed towards her goal. All these qualities she wants to inculcate in the future generation so that they also develop the same enthusiasm towards their education.

Ms. Dhar continued to study and research. Her research papers have been well-appreciated. Recently (in September, 2020) her research paper has published in an international journal. She has presented many papers at different places of India viz.

Ms. Dhar loves to travel and believes that traveling plays a vital role to enrich our knowledge. She would love to connect to students through video conferencing classes.