M.Sc. Gauhati University. B.Ed, Gauhati University

Ms. Moonmoon. D Chaliha , MSc .B.Ed. Educator ,In charge Tinker Science Club

Maria’s Public School Guwahati.

Ms. Moonmoon .D Chaliha a senior science teacher at Maria’s Public School, Guwahati. Teaching is her passion . She has been in this profession for the last 21 years. Since childhood she was fascinated about the knowledge regarding the composition of things. Her inquisitiveness led her to pursue a career in geology   with physics and chemistry as  pass subjects.

She started her teaching career as a guest lecturer at Jorhat Engineering College, where , She worked for two years than when She shifted to Guwahati, started teaching at Maria’s Public School and still working till date as She fell in love with the school and children.

She had the opportunity to attend a number of science workshops that enhanced her knowledge and inspired her to do activity based teaching as children learn more by “LEARNING BY DOING”.  She has conducted workshop at her school to popularize activity based teaching .

She does activity based teaching as She has experienced, it helps Children understand, remember, arouses curiosity and at the same time enjoy teachings,

She has guided several science projects that got selected at the State level and National level. The project that  She guided “  BEAUTY THY NAME Patchouli” won the National prize at C.B.S.E ,Science Exhibition New Delhi.

Children are her life line and teaching is her first hobby.

She love to travel , do gardening , music ,exercise and meditation ,chant ,Nam Myoho Renge Kyo” . She follow ”NichirenBuddhism”.

Yes, She would be interested to video conference teaching.