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Following Wisors Innovative approach to education on improving skills and techniques would help prepare students ready for 21st century workforce.

Learning should be from anywhere anytime

Learning through Technology platform, the speed with which the Internet has arrived, evolved, and affected the lives of teachers and students of the 21st century is staggering.
With the advent of huge growth in mobile devices, real time collaboration tools, a technology platform would help a student interested in learning a specific curriculum e.g. computer science, that can take the course online in a school that lacks the budget or a faculty member with the appropriate skills to teach the course. At the same time, Students can have access to high-quality online mentoring and advising programs where resources or geography present challenges to obtaining sufficient face-to-face mentoring, anytime anywhere in the world. A school with connectivity but without robust science facilities can offer its students virtual chemistry, biology, anatomy, and physics labs—offering students learning experiences that approach those of peers with better resources. Students engaged in creative writing, literature, music, or media production can publish their work to a broad global audience regardless of where they go to school.

Technology-enabled learning environments allow less experienced learners to access and participate in specialized communities of practice, graduating to more complex activities and deeper participation as they gain the experience needed to become expert members of the community.
Students can also learn by networking with expert professional and network of colleagues and with individuals who have relevant expertise.

Improve STEM education

STEM (science, tech, engineering, and math) education needs to improve across the board regardless of income levels, age, or gender. There’s no doubt every worker in the future will need some technical skills and improvement in STEM education is warranted, but it’s important to note that we shouldn’t adopt an either/or mentality. We still need to help students understand the values that will help us learn how to use this new technology ethically and morally; therefore, humanities training and professionals will still be essential

Instill students with a love for continuous learning

Tech-driven era means there’s a need to continuously learn and upskill to meet the ever-changing needs of the workforce.
As technology changes more rapidly – and as humans live longer lives, with more people working well past traditional retirement ages – the need for flexible, responsive schooling and training models is acute. Students cannot be complacent with what they were taught or have learned. Instead, they should be encouraged by both parents and teachers to continuously upskill through available resources, such as online courses.

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