Kaberi De, M.Sc. Mathematics , Gauhati University
B.Ed., Gauhati University

Ms. De is a senior educator of Mathematics in Maria’s Public School, Guwahati. She has 15 years of experience in educating students in ICSE and ISC, CBSE, B.COM and BBA at Guwahati University.

Ms. De’s education methods is very student friendly. She continually keeps herself updated  with the contemporary processes of teaching-learning. She believes in one-on-one interactions and encourages her students to do so. Her teaching methods endears students to her and enhances their interest in the subject of “Mathematics” . She feels – ‘the procedure of teaching Mathematics should be interesting and easy so that students are not scared  of the subject, it’s basically the thought process not the subject which creates trouble for them’.

Ms. De is interested is setting up one-on-one video conferencing with the students.