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Promote platform to be creative and to innovative

The world is changing, and schools need to change to be with the reality. Innovation in education encourages teachers and students to explore research and use all the tools to uncover something new. It involves a different way of looking at problems and solving them. The thinking process that goes into it will help students develop their creativity and their problem solving skills.
Innovation does not mean creating something from nothing. Just like with any good science project, it relies on researching existing solutions to come up with a new hypothesis to test.
The application of project-based learning is another approach for spurring innovation and creative thinking. Instead of working on a single project in a math class, project-based learning combines multiple disciplines in one project. It promotes active and deeper learning. So, School should introduce practical based scientific projects.
Provide students with a platform to practice their curiosity, problem-solving skills, inquisitiveness and the iterations of failure, schools need to provide learning environments that will enable students to be creators and innovators.

This can help equip children with the love of learning that will allow them to make sense of their world through hands-on experiences that emphasize collaboration and creativity.
All the above qualities would help align education with real life context setting an agenda for change and prepare towards 4th Industrial revolution
Finally, build a trusted relationship between schools, community institutions with Expert Academia and Professionals, where each stake holders work synergistically to build Cohesive and Collaborative approach and leverage the opportunities to create a sustainable lasting impact and rip the benefits of healthy educated community.

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